For an additional charge we can apply Stainguard Professional to help prevent stains and keep you carpets cleaner for longer.

Stainguard Professional works by forming a strong defensive layer on and around the carpet fibres repelling most liquids and stopping stains in their tracks giving you time to blot up the spill easily with a clean white cloth, kitchen towel etc.

Here is a video of some blackcurrant juice being poured into a very absorbent paper towel, Stainguard stops the liquid penetrating paper and will stop liquids penetrating your carpet fibres long enough for you to soak up the spill with paper towels or clean white cloths.

Stainguard Professional also helps to keep dry soil and dirt from damaging the fibres and facilitates easier maintenance vacuuming.

Take a look at this photo to see how Stainguard Professional can help keep your carpets Stainfree.


Red Wine Spill – liquids remain on surface of carpet, just blot and remove.

Spills do need to be dealt with immediately or given time they will soak into the fibres making removal much more difficult.

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