Professional Stain Removal

Wet or Dry Carpet Cleaning are specialists in stain removal. We always recommend that new stains are dealt with as soon as possible. We can normally get better results if we attempt to remove the stain before any other chemicals etc have been used on it as certain “Cleaning” products can at best make the stains appearance worse and our job of removing it more difficult and at worst “set the stain” meaning it will be permanent and practically impossible for us to remove it for you.

We carry a full professional spotting kit that can remove stains such as red wine, coffee, tea, pet urine, oil, chewing gum, rust and ink and many more.

Take a look at our recent before and after photo and see what can be achieved.

Non Treated and Treated

Treated Before and After

The photo shows a red wine stain before and after stain removal process and also a photo of a sample treated with Stainguard Professional where you can see the red wine spill just remains on top of the carpet fibres allowing you time to blot it up and avoid a red wine catastrophe on your carpet.

Non Treated and TreatedClick Image Above For Video

Please note stain removal is not a guaranteed service, we will always do our utmost to remove the stain for you either during a full clean or Stain Removal only process.

Added Stain Protection

For an additional charge we can apply Stainguard Professional to help prevent stains and keep you carpets cleaner for longer.

Stainguard Professional works by forming a strong defensive layer on and around the carpet fibres repelling most liquids and stopping stains in their tracks giving you time to blot up the spill easily with a clean white cloth, kitchen towel etc.

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