We all love our pets but accidents do happen

A puppy in training, or your older pets can lead to accidents now and then.

With an oriental or hand woven rugs, accidents can be costly because pet urine on a rug is one of the most dangerous spills on a textile – not only for the rug itself, but for the occupants if the accidents happen over and over creating fungal (mildew) and bacterial contamination in the middle of that rug.

With woven rugs, the foundation fibers are typically cotton. This means the wool fibers are tied around cotton warps. So pet urine will penetrate the wool fibers – because this accident is warm and acidic – and will become absorbed by the cotton interior fibers. This means the accident you see is only the tip of the accident iceberg.

This video shows what the damage looks like, and some suggestions to protect your rugs:

With all rugs, whatever you see from the surface will be larger problem in the center of the rug. And if you are trying to clean the area, and still have strong odor, this is because you cannot reach where the problem is without full immersion decontamination cleaning.

We can help with professional full immersion washing, just call for a no obligation assessment and quote.

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