Below you will find frequently asked questions about Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning, if you have a question not covered here please contact Andy on 07900 907253 and he will be happy to discuss any issues with you.

  • Which Cleaning Methods Do You Use? –  We have both wet and dry carpet cleaning methods. We would first inspect/assess your carpets and advise on the most appropriate cleaning method which we believe will give you the best overall results. The FAQ’S on this page concentrate on Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning, Dry Carpet Cleaning is covered here.
    There are various stages to a thorough cleaning of your carpets.
  • 1. Carpets are thoroughly vacuumed using a six stage filtration extraction vacuum.
  • 2.We then pre-spray your carpets with a Premium, Soap Free, Odour Free, Hypo Allergenic and Non Toxic cleaning agent. This immediately starts to break down soiling and staining within the carpet fibres, lifting dirt and bacteria and suspending it ready for removal.
  • 3. Carpets are then thoroughly agitated with our made for the job machine containing 2 large counter rotating brushes which works the pre-spray evenly throughout the carpet fibres reaching deep to the root of the carpet pile.
  • 4. Only now do we bring in our state of the art Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning machine which thoroughly rinses and then extracts all the suspended soil and dirt from your carpet. This supercharged extractor with twin vacuum motors and fully adjustable pressure does an amazing job removing soil and water from the carpet, the more powerful a machine is the more water is brought out of your carpet and drying times are substantially reduced.
  • 5.  Stain Protection is applied to your carpet. This stage is recommended but optional and does not affect the outcome of your clean. It does however make any future cleaning and stain removal easier as it protects the individual fibres so that any spills take longer to penetrate thus giving you time to blot up the spillage before it has chance to stain. Always blot with a clean white cotton cloth or paper towels.
  • 6. Your carpet is then groomed to ensure the pile is re-aligned before it dries.
  • I have a Stain on my carpet, can you remove it? – Most stains will be removed during the cleaning process, however certain stains will require specialist spot and stain treatment to remove them. In some circumstances it may be impossible for any cleaning method or stain removal treatment to work and we may not be able to remove stains completely.We therefore cannot offer any guarantee of stain removal but we will always do our utmost and will advise you beforehand if we believe a stain is permanent. Permanent stains have actually dyed the fibre of the carpet which chemically changes the structure similar to clothes or hair dye and will not be removed whatever cleaning process is employed.
  • What is Stain Protection ? – We offer ” Stainshield Professional” which works in the same way as the original Scotchguard by coating individual carpet fibres with an invisible layer which acts to protects spills from soaking into your carpet which then gives you time to blot the spill up using clean white cloths, kitchen towels or even toilet tissue. If you do have a spill, don’t panic and start rubbing at it, this will just spread the liquid through the carpet fibre making things a lot worse, simply soak up the liquid while it remains suspended on top of the carpet fibres. Stain protection or Scotchguard does not mean your carpets will not stain, if left overnight the liquid will penetrate the carpet fibres, stain protection prevents the liquid soaking in long enough for you to blot up the spill. Also do not be tempted to try ” various” household cleaners on stains as this will often make things worse and may prevent the stain being successfully removed by a professional.
  • How long will my carpets take to dry? Environment and weather play a big part in carpet drying times following a Wet Extraction Cleaning. You may remember being told to crank up your heating and open all windows for 12 hours or so following a carpet clean, thankfully things have moved on since then, today’s professional machines will extract much more water and we now use a turbo air mover to facilitate drying so 2 – 5hrs is now easily achievable. We do advise leaving a window open in each room following the clean to allow any remaining moisture to vent outside. However do be aware that as with anything you do get what you pay for, there are many inferior machines on the market that will do no more than a domestic carpet cleaning machine you can hire from your local supermarket, always hire a professional and expect to pay a fair price for the job.
  • I’ve seen carpet cleaning advertised for cheaper, such as 2 rooms for £35.00, do you offer this ? – A professional carpet cleaner will invest in the best machines and best quality environmental cleaning chemicals available constantly updating to ensure the best possible clean for the customer. We do not compete with cheap carpet cleaning offers and use only the best Wet Extraction Carpet Cleaning Machines available on the market today together with safer cleaning agents which are free from soap, odour free, hypo allergenic, non toxic and contain no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). These cleaning agents are safe for us to handle and safe for you, your children, grandchildren and pets to live with following the cleaning process. To offer “cheap” carpet cleaning would mean using inferior machines which leave a lot of water in your carpet causing mould, shrinkage’ bacteria growth and “wicking” which is when the soil and dirt dries upwards and comes back to the surface of your carpet and also using cheap harsh chemicals, a danger to you and your families  health and the environment.





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