Have you ever wondered how often your rugs should be cleaned?

There are many different types and qualities of rugs, some inexpensive everyday rugs with a lifespan of around 10 years and some quality handmade, woven rugs that may be 200 years old and passed down through the generations.

Inexpensive rugs need maintaining with regular vacuuming and occasional clean by a professional, these rugs can often be cleaned at your home by an experienced carpet cleaner.

Rugs that are special to you, financially valuable but also of great sentimental value as they have belonged to your family going back generations or rugs you have recently bought as an investment in your home. These are the rugs that need special care and attention and should only be trusted to professional offsite rug cleaning specialists. These specialists are not only able to clean your rugs for you but can also repair and even recolour and apply protectant to your rugs.

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