Carpet Cleaning in Rhyl

Looking for a Carpet Cleaner in RHYL?

Carpet Cleaner in Rhyl

If you are looking for a carpet cleaner in Rhyl then look no further. Wet or Dry Carpet Cleaning offers the complete carpet cleaning service in Rhyl. Denbighshire. North Wales.

We can provide FREE  carpet cleaning assessments and will always advise on the best cleaning method for your particular carpets, we use a very powerful Hot Water Extraction system or the Host Green Clean and Dry system for delicate carpets or maintenance cleans.


We also offer professional Stain Removal and can also apply Stainguard Professional to help protect your carpets from everyday wear and tear and spills.

The photo above shows an 80/20 wool carpet that has been treated by Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaning in Rhyl, after being treated a red wine was poured onto the carpet and as you can see above the wine is simply sitting on top of the carpet fibres, this gives time for the accidental spill to be simply blotted up with a clean white cloth or kitchen towel etc before it has chance to penetrate the fibres and stain the carpet.

Carpets are one of the most expensive investments you will make in your house so it pays dividends to have them protected by Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaning in Rhyl using only the est Stainguard Professional treatment.

So if you live in Rhyl or surrounding areas and are looking to have your carpets cleaned or your investments protected then give Wet or Dry Carpet Cleaning in Rhyl a call today.

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